MADRAX s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in piece and small batch production.

We provide complete production as per submitted design/construction documentation.

We work with dural, plastic, construction steel, instrumental steel, cast iron and stainless steel.


Production capacity available

  • 4 – axe CNC machining center DMG MORI 635V
  • 3 – axe CNC machining centers (max. 1000×600 mm)
  • 2 – axe CNC lathes MASTURN (320×750 mm, 500×1250 mm)
  • Conventional lathes (max. 550x 1200 mm)

Technology available

  • Shape machining using CAD/CAM software
  • Round grinding up to Ø 260 or 60 kg of weight
  • Flat grinding of up to max. 560 x 200
  • Thread grinding
  • Welding in protecting atmosphere
  • Weldment production
  • Production of main screws and nuts
  • Production of medical screws to grow bone fractures together
  • Production of standard and atypical safety wheel screws including surface finish
  • Production of cog/worm wheels with straight/inclined cogs into module 6
  • Thread rolling of M4 – M34
  • Production of supportive rulers for thread rollers

Services offered

  • Arranging of precise-cut shapes made of steel or dural
  • Arranging of blackening, galvanization, quenching and nitriding of production as per construction documentation
  • Delivery of production